How to Get the Fastest Response to Your Question

To make sure you get the quickest and most useful answers to your questions, we want to share our recommended question-asking format. This will help us understand exactly what problems you're encountering so we can give you the very best solutions.

For any questions related to your account, access, billing, or non class specific questions please see here.


Be sure to tell us:

  1. What you were trying to do — what was your goal?
  2. What you did — the button you clicked or change you made.
  3. What you expected to happen... and then what happened instead.
  4. What you've already done to try and fix the issue.
  5. Include screenshots of the problem and the link to the page you're on. If you have code, copy and paste the code and/or include a zip file of your project. (Not sure how to zip a file, this Skillcrush FAQ can help.)

Although it may seem easier to contact your instructor through social media or personal email, please do not reach out to instructors individually.

All of our instructors and TAs work different schedules and are located all across the globe to best serve you! So they may not be online when you reach out.

The best course of action is to post your question in the community or send an email. Then you'll get a swift response from whoever is first on deck!

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