Are instructors checking the work I save on

For the most part, you’re the only one who can see the practice challenges you save in your account, but if you need help or want feedback on your work, you can absolutely get it. All you have to do is ask!

For select challenges in your lessons, you will be able to request feedback from your instructors. Learn more about Feedback Challenges here.

We encourage you to share your work and ask questions whenever and as often as you want. And the best place to do that is your student community!

If you’re unsure whether your code is correct, you encounter a problem, or you just want some feedback, post your challenge in the student community and ask away! We encourage you to post in the student community because, not only do you get the information you need, but you also get a chance to practice asking and answering questions in a public forum, which is a VERY important core skill needed by all digital natives.

Of course, if you’re uncomfortable posting in the student community, you can always send us an email at [email protected], and an instructor will get back to you privately.

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