How do feedback challenges work?

Throughout your classes, you’ll notice a few lessons marked with a blue ‘Feedback Challenge’ button. 

These challenges test your knowledge of the concepts you’ve learned and give you a place to request feedback from your instructor.

Go ahead and save your work, just as you would for any lesson.

The first time you complete a feedback request, a message will pop up.

After you save your work in a feedback challenge, a ‘Request Feedback’ button will appear.

Send a message to the instructor that will be reviewing your submission in this box. It's a great idea to include details about your project that you're specifically looking to get feedback on (i.e. I'm not sure I love how my text colors look against this background. Do you have thoughts?)

If you do choose to request feedback, you’ll see something like this:

An instructor will receive your submission and will get back to you soon. You’ll receive an email when we’ve replied. 

At that point, your challenge will look something like this:

That’s it!

If you're submitting a request for feedback in a code editor challenge, your steps will be slightly different. First, save your code. In the left sidebar under lesson instructions, click on Instructor Feedback. Submit your message and your instructor will respond.

Requesting feedback is not required, but it’s a feature we recommend that you take advantage of! :)

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