How do feedback challenges work?

Throughout your classes, you’ll notice a few lessons marked with a blue ‘Feedback Challenge’ button. 

These challenges test your knowledge of the concepts you’ve learned, and give you a place to request feedback from your instructor.

Go ahead and save your work, just as you would for any lesson.

After you save your work in a feedback challenge, a ‘Request Feedback’ button will appear.

Send a message to the instructor that will be reviewing your submission in this box. It's a great idea to include details about your project that you're specifically looking to get feedback on (i.e. I'm not sure I love how my text colors look against this background. Do you have thoughts?)

If you do choose to request feedback, you’ll see something like this:

An instructor will receive your submission and will get back to you soon. You’ll receive an email when we’ve replied. 

At that point, your challenge will look something like this:

That’s it!

Requesting feedback is not required, but it’s a feature we recommend that you take advantage of! :)

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