How do class events work?

Class events are the perfect opportunity to get some face-time with your instructors and classmates, get live help, and review your work in a comfortable learning space! 

You’re welcome to drop in during a session, get your question answered, and then go on your merry way. Or, you can hang out and learn from your fellow classmates’ questions!

We vary class event schedules as much as possible to accommodate our very busy, global student population. So if you can’t make a certain time, don’t worry! We schedule new class events every week.
You can learn more about class events in your Skillcrush Orientation. 

How to Join Class Events

Step One: Check the calendar on the Class Events page to see upcoming sessions.

You’ll see Q&A’s for both design and development – and you’re welcome to join either!

Step Two: Check your email for a confirmation.

Save that email because you’ll need it when the session starts!

Step Three: Click the link in the confirmation email to join.

When it’s time to join the event, open up your confirmation email and click the Zoom Meeting link to join!

Participating in Class Events

You will be attending most class events with a small group of classmates. 

In order to make sure that events are a good experience, we ask that all students maintain a positive and supportive attitude during events. We're all here to help you get the most out of your Skillcrush experience!

In that spirit, here are a few best practices for class events:

  • Be prepared! If you don't have questions to ask, or work to review, be ready to participate in the conversation. Your instructor and classmates will soon be your industry peers. Get to know them!
  • Attend your meeting in a quiet place and wear headphones whenever possible. This cuts down on background noise and echoes that can be distracting for your instructor and classmates.
  • Say hello when you arrive, then mute yourself as a courtesy to other students.
  • Try to stay on topic to get the most out of your time.

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