Do I have to buy two hosting plans if I’m going to take the WordPress Course?

Some hosts specialize in WordPress sites only, some hosts only support static sites (HTML & CSS), and some hosts do a bit of everything. There are many things to consider when choosing a hosting provider, including the time savings and support for you as the developer as you begin to work with clients.

If you plan on taking WordPress courses, we'll be recommending a managed WordPress-only host because of all the convenient features they offer. Since they don't support static sites, however, you may only want to purchase a month or two of hosting elsewhere for your static site, so you can practice setting up your FTP client (which we'll use in the WordPress courses as well) and launching a static site (which is a valuable thing to know how to do!).

If you don’t want to get two separate hosting plans, you may want to consider hosting your static site for free on GitHub, which we will teach you to do at the end of Working with Git and GitHub. Hosting using GitHub pages works a little bit different than with a regular hosting company, but for most smaller static sites, it is a great solution that is both free AND will help keep your Git skills sharp. 😀  If you have purchased a domain as part of the Skillcrush 101: HTML & CSS course, you will be able to point it elsewhere, including a WordPress site, if you choose to.

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