What should my domain name be and should I buy any add-ons?

When it's time to purchase your domain, you have so many options that it can be confusing what to pick for your domain name. For example, you may think of purchasing a domain to represent your brand new skills or a company name such as:

       yourname.codes, or yournamedev.com, or unicorndesigns.com

These may be great options but if yourfirstnamelastname.com is available it's a great idea to make sure that you have ownership of that! It's really versatile and allows flexibility if you decide to change your focus (i.e. if you fall in love with design in 6 months)!

I would also consider purchasing domain privacy so that your personal information is not available to the public. When you register a domain, you must use a mailing address and your personal phone number. Without domain privacy, all of that information is readily available to be sold to spammers and solicitors. 

If you're on the fence about purchasing domain privacy, take a look at this article which explains what happens when your WHOIS data is made public.

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