Why should a client hire me instead of using a website builder?

Oooh, great question! The short answer is yes, you will be able to find enough freelance clients. Why, you ask?

One, some people don’t understand how to build a website and don’t have the time or desire to figure it out. And they want it done the right way the first time around.

Two, some freelance developers have, wait for this, too much work and need junior developers to help them handle their workload!

Three, some people try site builders like Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace. They can’t figure out how to get their site to look the way they want and choose to hire a designer or developer to finish their site for them.

Four, some people try one of those same site builders above and outgrow their platform when they discover the limitations. Each has its own pros and cons. Some are not great at SEO (which is important to drive traffic to your website). Some make it difficult to add or manage a blog, control the layout, or brand your site by putting their name on your page or in the URL. Eventually, your potential clients will start to feel that these features scream “I’m not serious about my business” and want to break up with their site builder.

Five, WordPress. It’s big, no it’s massive. And it’s so incredibly powerful. You may have decided to take our WordPress class (or thought about taking the WordPress class) when you realized that you were just scratching the surface of building a WordPress site without code skills and you really wanted to customize. Imagine the people out there like you, wanting to do more with WordPress, who don’t know how to do it or want to take the time to get it done.

So there you have it! 5 great reasons why clients should hire you instead of using a website builder. 😀

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