Should I start networking? How do I start networking?

Yes! You should start networking sooner rather than later. You never know when a person you meet networking is going to have an opportunity that you would be really good for. So get out there and network with developers, other new coders, etc. now so that you start making connections with great people.

Pro Tip:  if your goal is to work remotely, you should be branding yourself well online and making great connections online.

Below are a few national (and/or internet based) groups to start your search with. Another great place to find a networking group or event is!

Tech Ladies
Girl Develop It (female-focused meetup group with chapters throughout the country. Often teaches in-person tech courses) *one chapter in Ottawa*
Code Newbie (Twitter chats, Slack groups, comfortable place for all new devs)
Women Who Code(group with chapters throughout the world, weekly newsletter with jobs, scholarships, etc.)
Women Techmakers (Google's global program providing visibility, community, & resources for women in technology)
Buffer (remote life, all things social media)
Canada Learning Code - Canadian organization that focuses on digital learning for women and youth.
Rails Girls - Hosts events worldwide to break into Rails!
Django Girls - Hosts events worldwide to break into Django & Python
Code Buddies
Creative Mornings
Design Buddies
IxDA (Interaction Design Association)

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