Break Into Tech + Get Hired Program Job Guarantee Removal

Why does the Break Into Tech Program no longer include a job guarantee?

The job guarantee was added to the Break Into Tech + Get Hired program in October 2021. Since that time we've helped many students land their first jobs in tech, but we've also found that having the guarantee in place has been unexpectedly counterproductive to our students' success.

We've found that for students who are struggling with some aspect of making a career change, they tend to focus on making sure they meet the requirements of the job guarantee instead of focusing on their job search. This in turn has the effect of requiring us to also focus on the job guarantee (and whether they are doing all the things to be in compliance) as opposed to just meeting them where they are and helping them move forward in the most productive way possible.

We feel confident that removing the job guarantee is in our students' best interests because we'll be able to better focus on successful job outcomes!

When was the job guarantee removed?

​The job guarantee was removed from the Break Into Tech + Get Hired program on June 1st, 2023.

​I enrolled in the Break Into Tech + Get Hired program before the job guarantee was removed. What does that mean for me?

​If you enrolled in the Break Into Tech + Get Hired program between October 2021 and June 1st, 2023, the job guarantee still applies to you! Please refer to this document for your job guarantee eligibility requirements.

Does this mean I won't be able to get a job with the skills I learned through Skillcrush?

​Absolutely not!! No other part of the Get Hired program has changed, and we still stand behind the effectiveness of the Break Into Tech program. As a Get Hired student, you'll still have lifetime access to the course material and 6 months of unlimited support from your career coaches, including email, one-on-ones with career coaches, weekly small-group Zoom check-ins, one-on-one interview practice, and personal resume and LinkedIn portfolio reviews.

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