What Does “Beta” Mean?

Wondering what this icon is about?

Beta icon

It means that the class is in beta, Skillcrusher!

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Releasing a beta version of a product is one of the final steps before releasing a piece of software. You’ve likely been involved in beta tests before, perhaps when a game you play offers an updated version in beta before releasing to the public at large. Or when your favorite app has a new feature that they are testing and hopes you give feedback on. A beta test opens testing to real users and helps developers make sure their product has great UX, is appealing and useful, and meets their user’s expectations.

When you see the beta icon, it means that the class is nearly ready for prime time. The lessons are written, the projects are designed, and we’ve checked that every t is crossed and every i is dotted. The videos aren’t quite polished yet but the content is the same quality instruction you expect to see from Skillcrush.

We’re confident that we’ve created something Skillcrushers will love, and we need real students, such as yourself, to give us your insight. Do the lessons work for you? Is there anything we can explain better? Did we miss a typo? Can you find a bug? We’ve included some feedback forms in the lessons to make it easy for you to let us know! Please be as honest as you can about how the lesson works for you. Your feedback will play a big part in what future Skillcrushers will see!

This is a wonderful opportunity for you too! You’ll gain some insight into what needs to happen before software goes to production. You’ll see how Skillcrush uses agile development to iterate frequently based on the critiques we receive. And you’ll get some experience giving constructive commentary and see your responses reflected in quality improvements. And of course, you have early access to a brand new course. I can’t wait for you to see what we have for you!

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