How do I report a bug?

So sorry something isn't working! To first make sure that what you are experiencing is a repeat issue, can you try the following?

  1. Do a hard refresh of your browser. (Press CTRL and F5 on Windows, or Cmd and Shift and R on Mac.)
  2. Log out of and log back in again.

Hopefully that clears it up! If not, would you be able to answer a few questions below and email them to us at hello[@]skillcrush so we can diagnose the issue? (This will also be good practice for when you are faced with a bug on a website you are maintaining!)

1. What is the page URL?

2. What steps do we need to take to replicate the issue?

3. What did you expect to happen?

4. What browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) were you using? And if you know the version, that would help!

5. Were you using your personal laptop/desktop? Or a work computer or mobile device?

6. Did you find a workaround?

Thank you so much for reporting this! We really appreciate the info. Here’s a GIF to show our appreciation. 

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