How do I get started on the 'Make your own Holstee Manifesto' challenge?

The Holstee Manifesto is your first big attempt at combining HTML and CSS! If you're feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to start, take a deep breath and start by breaking everything down into small bits. Which elements will be styled alike? Which elements need to be next to each other?

First, focus on writing your HTML. A couple of tips to remember:

  • Your text always needs a block-level text element wrapped around it. Those include the text header tags, like <h1>, and <p> tags. 
  • Browsers automatically add default styling to text header tags (for instance, they may automatically bold header text) so you will have much more control if you use the <p> tag. 
  • It can help to wrap two elements in a container element (like two <p> in a <div>) if you want to style them together.

Now you're ready for your CSS! This is a big exercise in the Box Model and understanding how everything fits together.

  • You will also use classes and ids to select and style elements in your HTML. 
  • Elements can have both a class and and an id, so if three elements use the same styles but have one thing that isn't in common, it can save you time to assign those common styles to a class.
  • <span> tags are your friends! (Read more about them here.)
  • And don't forget these handy properties!

Lastly, floats can be tricky, so be sure to remember these key concepts. And check out this lesson and this lesson where we saw some boxes before. ;)

There are a number of ways to approach this project. For instance, here is what is happening in my head when I look at Holstee:

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