Where is the Alumni community and how do I join it?

Skillcrush alums are some of the most supportive, driven, amazing people on the web! Once you finish your Course, you’ll be invited to join this exclusive community for continued learning and networking. We talk about all things tech, freelance, and job hunting, just to name a few topics! 

Alums in the community have the added benefit of regular check-ins with the Skillcrush team. We often ask alums to test new features, participate as guests in webinars, and be featured on the blog. It’s also one of the first places we look when we’re hiring new team members!

When you are eligible for the group (aka three months after you have started your Course) you will automatically receive an invitation to request to join the group. Students who have completed their Course are welcome to join. Also, students in Phase 3 or beyond of Break Into Tech can also join us as alums!

The best part about the alumni community? Staying connected to a group of like-minded people as you navigate the tech world. You are always welcome to ask questions, look for feedback, and share your successes in the Alumni Community. Once a Skillcrusher, always a Skillcrusher!

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